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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Company

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Questions to ask when hiring a roofing company to see if they're good or not! Referrals from friends are always a great way to find reliable companies but sometimes you need to do your own research. Here are some questions to ask that will help you narrow down your selection and hire the right roofer for your project:

1. Does the company have insurance?

It's very important for your contractor to have insurance because it protects your home from accidental damages. Homeguard Roofing carries $5 million in liability insurance. Professional companies should have no problem showing you their certificate of insurance.

2. Does the contractor have any training or certifications?

Usually, if companies have any type of certification they will advertise it somewhere on their website or social media. You could also check with your local Better Business Bureau organization to be sure the contractor has a clean record with no outstanding issues. We're Master Elites at Homeguard Roofing. The Master Elite Certification is GAF's factory certification program that provides ongoing training to roofing contractors and assurance to you, the homeowner, that the roof will be completed well and professionally. To gain this certification, contractors need to be properly licensed, adequately Insured, and have a proven reputation. Only 2% of roofers have this certification and we are honoured to be in that 2%.

3. Written Estimates are IMPORTANT!

Your contractor should be providing you with a written estimate on what exactly they will be doing and even better if they include a materials/product list. At Homeguard Roofing we provide our customers with a detailed estimate they approve before any work is started! This way they know exactly what the project will cost and there will be no surprises!

4. Does your contractor explain how a proper roofing system works?

They should go into detail about the roofing system all the individual component parts and how they work together for the best roof performance.

5. Workmanship warranty coverage VS product manufacturer’s warranty

The first question would be does this company offer a warranty and then the next question would be is it just a workmanship warranty or a product warranty as well? Who exactly is warranting your house? Many companies come & go, so their warranty means nothing if they are no longer in business!!

No worries with Homeguard, your warranty is covered by GAF and they have been in business since 1886, so I think you are on solid ground here!


This isn't necessarily a factor point but it is considered a huge bonus! It could also indicate that the contractor is financially stable because lending institutions typically require contractors to be vetted through an application process before offering financing options. Homeguard Roofing is partnered with FinanceIt to offer you affordable finance plans to fit any budget!

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