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Shingle Colours for Your Home

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Choosing the perfect shingle colour for your roof can be a hard decision. In this blog post, we will break down some of the popular shingle colours and show some examples of what they look like. GAF shingles are constructed to protect your home for many years and beautify it by mixing durability with classic colour design.

Neutral -

If your home exterior is neutral your roof would look good with some warm-hued shingles like beige, brown or grey. Lighter shingles absorb less heat, which means they are less likely to darker-colored break down as fast as darker colored shingles do. Some research points to light shingles absorbing less heat, which means the home stays cooler during the summer.

Traditional -

The most common are black roofs, you will find black roofs a lot ingrey traditional homes. Black and gray are sophisticated yet neutral colours, so they can be paired with almost any exterior home grey. It is well known that dark-coloured surfaces attract and hold heat better than lighter-coloured surfaces; the same goes for roof shingles. Black roof shingles trap the sun's heat throughout the day inside the house, keeping your home warmer throughout the winter without having to run your heating source as frequently.

Rustic -

Rustic homes tend to have brown and red roof shingles that pair nicely with earth-toned exterior sidings like beige, brown, brick, or stone. As the name suggests, you'll tend to find these homes nestled in the countryside, where earth-toned and other colours that blend comfortably with nature are used to relate a home to its surroundings.

With any of these timeless shingle colors and styles, you should always consider your home's setting. Part of creating an enduring look for your home means accounting for and blending it with its surroundings — so that it seems naturally suited—rather than going with a current trend that you might love but that clashes with your home's immediate environment. Want to know more about the type and colour of shingles we offer? Give us a call at 604-308-1698.


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