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Can the heat from the sun damage my roof?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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Harsh sun rays and hot weather can have a wide array of adverse effects on your roof, from cracking the tiles to bleaching and damaging the coating. According to the US Department of Energy, traditional darker asphalt shingle roofs can get up to 150°F/65°F on a sunny summer day. And prolonged exposure to high heat like this can damage your roof. Also, UV light shines down on your roof on both sunny and cloudy days during the summer. Over time it can cause materials to deteriorate and diminish the amount of protection your roof shingles ultimately provide, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks.

How to Reduce the Risk of Heat Damage to Your Roof

Regularly removing debris and replacing damaged shingles can help ensure your roofing system is operating correctly. Don't have time to do this? No worries! At Homeguard Roofing we offer different affordable maintenance plans to help keep your roof and gutters in the best shape possible!

A properly balanced attic ventilation system helps damaging heat and moisture to escape. Make sure you have the proper amount of ventilation needed to keep attic temperatures down. Homeguard Roofing is trained to check the actual intake and exhaust systems of your home to ensure the entire roofing system is working correctly. Remember that many houses do not have the correct ventilation installed, too many vents do not make it work better!

How to check the condition of your roof

  • lifting, curling or cracked shingles

  • wear around chimneys and vents

  • leaking or damaged gutters

  • missing shingles (you may spot these on the ground around your home)

These signs indicate your roof may need repairs or to be replaced. The quicker you spot and repair early signs of heat damage, the less likely you are to face serious complications.

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