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Do you know what goes into your free estimate?

Your home’s roof has an extremely important job—keeping everyone inside safe and dry. When something goes wrong with your roof you usually start out with estimates from a few different companies, most of these companies offer free estimates but do you know what goes into them? A free quote can actually cost a business more than $200, according to some articles. Here are some top considerations:


A free quote can be time-consuming to prepare. A big job likely needs to take many different factors into consideration.

For example, we need to measure your roof and figure out the best price for the supplies we would need for that job but we also need to take into account labour costs and travel.

Gas + Travel:

In order to get to your house for the estimate our workers need to drive there. Often, a contractor will try to tie a visit in when they are already in the area. But, this isn’t always possible. Plus, quotes for big projects may require more than one trip. And we all know gas right now is outrageous!

We like to provide our customers with a free quote so we can explain what needs to be done to your home and share our warranty/financing options with you so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Lots of times we get loyal customers from doing free quotes but sometimes "free estimate" sometimes turns out to be a big loss. A lot of customers think that free estimates can be used just for "shopping around" without any obligations to a contractor and they just simply use contractors just to get the idea... just in case... maybe I will do it next year... and that's why we wanted to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes in order to get all the information that goes into your free quotes.

Call us at 604-308-1698 to book a quote or ask us about our warranty/financing options.


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