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New Roof = Cheaper Bills

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Will a new roof really save you money in bills? The answer is YES! Installing a new roof OR maintaining your current roof will make your home more energy efficient and help reduce your energy bills each month.

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of energy efficiency. Not only is having an

efficient home better for the environment, but it is also better for your wallet. Research shows

that the most substantial portion of energy bills can be attributed to heating and cooling a


A high energy bill comes from a couple of different factors: drafty doors/windows, an improperly insulated basement/roof and an outdated roof. Roofs should be built with ventilation to allow proper airflow between the attic and the outdoors.

The key to an energy-efficient attic is to have balanced ventilation and adequate insulation

installed. Balanced ventilation means having a proper intake and exhaust ventilation

that creates an effective flow of air in your attic, resulting in cooler attics in the summer and

warmer and dryer attics in the winter.

Attic ventilation has a vital role to play in maintaining the comfort levels inside your home. In

fact, issues such as hot attic temperatures in summertime, mold, and mildew can all be offset

with adequate attic ventilation. In wintertime, attic vents can help to remove the moisture from

inside your home to minimize the risk of mildew or mold developing. In summer, ventilation

can help to keep the temperature of your attic down, which can contribute to real energy cost

savings. If you want to achieve this balance and enjoy significant cost savings, it is best to

consult a professional. We at Homeguard can calculate the correct ventilation for your roof!

FUN FACT: Lots of people like to say dark clothing absorbs heat, but do you think the same applies to roofs? Yes, this is true! Homes in our cold climate area benefit from dark shingles, while homes in hot climates should have lighter roof colours to help deflect the heat/sun. This will also help decrease your energy bills.

Although it’s impossible to predict exactly how much money you will save each month by getting a new roof we do have an estimate for you. An asphalt shingle roof can increase energy efficiency in your home by up to 30% and reduce your carbon footprint as well. With the rising cost of fuel, it is no surprise that homeowners are cutting down on their energy costs. A new roof can help them achieve this goal with ease.

Installing a new roof or maintaining your current roof will help reduce your energy bills greatly! Prevention is better than cure. HOMEGUARD can create a maintenance program for you today!

Energy efficiency savings start from the top!

Ask Homeguard Roofing about using SNAP financing for your roof upgrades today! 604-308-1698


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