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Signs Your Gutters Need Our Help!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Most people tend to forget about their gutters and roof but these are crucial parts of your home that's protecting your home and property from water damage. There are a few signs letting you know your gutters need some help and it's time to call Homeguard Roofing! We will get into these more below:

Obvious Signs of Damage

If you can see obvious damage to your gutter like holes or the gutter pulling away from your house, those are all very good reasons to call Homeguard Roofing to help you out! We can asses the damages and provide you with a FREE no obligation quote as well as offer you easy financing plans and the best warranty around!

Animals in Gutters

Gutters should be checked yearly as these make the perfect area for birds, mice etc to make a nest and clog up your gutters.

Standing Water In Gutters

If you find a pool of water sitting in a certain area of your gutters that means they aren't at the right angle to drain properly. Also when icicles form in the winter on your gutters that means your gutters aren't draining the water as they should be.

Water Pooling Around The Home

If your house has water pooling around it after a storm or heavy rainfall that could mean your gutters aren't moving the water away from your home as they should be.

Paint peeling around your gutters

Your gutter paint is designed to withstand the wear and tear of different seasons. The paint should not peel off unless your gutters are very old.

Gutters are important to the roofing system of your home. They should work efficiently in any circumstance. In the case that they don’t, you need to check them for possible issues. Homeguard Roofing can inspect, fix or replace your gutters; Call 604-308-1698 to schedule a consultation.


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