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Signs Your Roof Was Not Installed Properly

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

A picture of a roof with text overtop saying "Identify Poor Roof Installation"

You would be surprised how many roofs are installed incorrectly. That's why at Homeguard Roofing & Renovations we take our training very seriously and make sure we're also up to date on the latest technology!

Without a strong durable roof, your home won't be completely protected from the bad BC winters we can have. Hiring a reputable company like Homeguard Roofing & Renovations is crucial to your home protection. Here are some signs your roof is not installed properly:

The previous roof was left under your new roofing -

If your roofers installed your new roof on top of your old one this is the most common lazy method. Your roof won't be 100% sealed and protected this way and it's just going to cause a costly fix down the road. Do it right the first time so you don't have to redo it later on.

Poor Ventilation -

Do you notice ice damage on your roof during winter? This is a sign your attic isn't properly ventilated. A poorly ventilated attic can cause your roof to age faster and cause more damage in the long run. Excessive moisture also promotes mould to grow under your shingles causing shingle rot. Proper attic ventilation is very important when it comes to your roof's performance and it's lifespan.

Missing shingles -

If you're always missing a couple of shingles this is a good sign your roof was not installed properly. This can be caused by incorrect nail length or placement. All the shingles on your roof are very important and offer a lot of protection for your,infascia home. If you are missing one shingle that causes that area of the roof to be exposed and open to the elements.

Weather Conditions -

Believe it or not the weather conditions play a big factor into the instal of a roof. Roofing should not be installed during wet/snowy weather, it should be a clear day.

No Drip Edge -

A drip edge is a metal flashing that goes at the very edge of your roof and the reason we install a drip edge is to control the flow of water away from your fascia and protect your roof. If a drip edge is not installed or not installed properly water can get beneath your shingles and cause damage to your home/roof.

Unsecure Flashings -

If you notice the thin metal installed near your chimneys, vents, skylights are pilling up from your roof that is a sign they weren't installed properly and will most likely cause leaking and damage to your home.

There are lots of other signs of a poorly installed roof but those or some areas you can check out first. Your next step would be calling a reputable company like Homeguard Roofing & Renovations, we are GAF Master Elite Contractors and only 2% of companies have this certification. Set up a roof inspection with us and we will send one of our experts to come take a look at your roof and talk to you about a game plan. We offer financing to fit any budget you have.

Call 604-308-1698 to schedule a consultation.


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