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The Importance for Regular Maintenance for Your Home

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Most of us don't think of our home's exterior unless there is a problem and water is creeping into our comfy space! Or even worse, mould is forming inside of your house.

By checking your home's envelope regularly, you will keep yourself aware of any issues affecting the breakdown of any seals or water build-up that may be damaging your house. The main problem is that many people are not sure of what or where to look. By using a professional company such as Homeguard, we will be able to safely access all areas outside your home and keep you informed about any issues you may have or identify areas of concern.

Homeguard recommends establishing a regular preventative maintenance program for your home's envelope (Roof, Gutters, Fascias & Siding). A Preventative maintenance program consists of regular inspections, cleaning & remedial repair of any noted defect, ideally twice a year in the spring and autumn. Homeguard is a qualified, trained roofing & gutter contractor who can accurately assess the condition of the roofing components, identify defects, and perform any necessary repairs.

Regular roof inspections are critical for ensuring potential issues are identified before they reach a crisis point. A vigorous roof maintenance program can help preserve the longevity of your roof and keep significant issues to a minimum. This helps prevent disasters and affords homeowners the time to incorporate any necessary expenses into their budgets. It also allows more time to file and process any essential warranty claims before repairs.

But it does not just have a check over! Regular roof & gutter cleaning can help preserve your home's aesthetic and resale value. More importantly, it also minimizes the risk of any damage to your roof or voiding of its warranty. Dirt, sap, and other debris on your roof can result in more than just an attractive issue. The build-up of such organic material promotes the growth of moss or lichen.

Moss and lichen both retain moisture that can severely damage your roof. Unchecked moss growth may void some roofs' warranties and even your homeowner's insurance, making it even more problematic. Many home insurance policies looked at when you last had a service! Just like a car needs a service, it can affect the warranty and even deem it void!

Moss might be tiny, but it packs a lot of trouble in its little green mass. Moss has root-like structures that adhere to your roof's surface, causing pitting in many types of shingles and causing asphalt shingles to lose their protective granules.

A typical inspection should include a review of exterior walls from cracking & signs of moisture & a review of the membrane, flashings & penetrations. (Possibly the interior walls & ceilings for signs of water staining.) Inspection and cleaning of the roof from moss. Gutters cleaned to ensure proper drainage.

Factors affecting roof performance:

Many factors affect the long-term performance of a roofing system and cause deterioration and ageing of the roof components, including the following:

  • Exposure to environmental elements including ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, snow, temperature, air pollution & industrial emissions.

  • Structural movements such as settlement, seismic movement, and thermal expansion & contraction

  • Biological growth such as vegetation, fungus & algae.

  • Improper or inadequate design of the roof system, including improper drainage, flashings, structural deficiencies etc.

  • Manufacturing defects, such as errors in formulation or fabrication.

  • Lack of proper maintenance, including use of incompatible materials and ongoing water infiltration or condensation infiltration.

  • Use of the building for purposes other than what it was designed for (such as increased interior humidity.)

  • Rooftop traffic, abuse or vandalism.

(Factors taken from CRCA advisory bulletin June 2014)

Remember, prevention is better than cure. HOMEGUARD can create a maintenance program for you today! Call for more information at 778-847-1698.


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