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Tips for Selling Your Home

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Here are some of our favorite tips for selling your home that you may not think about! Improve your financial offers and make the home-selling process a little smoother!

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Warranty Transfers

Did you know some warranties can be transferred? With Homeguard's 25-year workmanship & 50-year roof warranty, just think how more financially attractive your house has become!

Home sellers can make the most of their assets by advertising transferrable home warranties to prospective buyers. Warranties offer value and security to new home buyers and may increase the financial offers on your house.

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Inspection Records

If you get regular inspection/maintenance done on your home we would suggest having those records on hand to show potential buyers. Home inspections provide prospective buyers with helpful information about a home's roof system, HVAC system, and other big-ticket items. And it also shows you showed care in the home and kept it up! Additionally, some warranties may be voided if regular maintenance requirements aren't met, so service records can be very helpful to buyers in the future.

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Capitalize on Staging and Curb Appeal

To amp up curb appeal, tidy your landscaping, address exterior paint issues, and make sure your roof isn't showing any signs of damage! This one is huge! Roof damage looks like a big bill to potential new buyers and most likely won't want to deal with that!

Ready to boost curb appeal with a roof repair or replacement? Call 604-308-1698 to schedule a consultation.


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