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What do I do if my roof is leaking?

If you ask a homeowner "what should you do if your roof is leaking?" they would probably say PANIC! Although that may be your first reaction we're here to teach you what actually to do in this situation. Accidents happen, and when they do, it’s best to take action as soon as possible — especially when there’s a possibility of water damage to your home. Here are a few steps you should follow if this happens to your home:

1. Move important items out of the way

The last thing you want is for your nice items to get ruined from the water. Not to mention if the leak gets on any furniture it will create that dreadful mildew smell that's so hard to get rid of. If you notice a leak, we suggest getting your items out of the way as soon as possible.

2. Contain the water

If you notice your roof is leaking grab buckets, garbage cans, towels and anything else you can think of to clean up the mess and contain the water that is leaking. Especially if you have carpets this is very important so you don't damage your floors. Make sure you have several containers nearby as you may have to switch them out regularly depending on the leak.

3. Take pictures

Taking picture of the damage will come in handy when you make an insurance claim. The more information we/they know the better. Lots of people don't think about taking pictures but it is very important to show the damage to your roof as well if you had any damage inside like your furniture or TV due to the leak. Your insurance could potentially fix the roof and replace any items that were damaged.

4. Call Homeguard Roofing

A leaking roof is a serious job so it's best to call a professional like us! The longer you wait, the worse the problem could get. We can repair the damaged area and assess other spots on your roof that may need repair or reconstruction. We offer financing as well as warranty options that can't be beaten!

5. Regular roof maintenance

Doing routine maintenance on your roof is the best way to control leaks. Your roof takes a beating every day and it’s exposed to harsh BC elements. Routine roof maintenance includes a review of exterior walls for cracking & signs of moisture & a review of the membrane, flashings & penetrations. (Possibly the interior walls & ceilings for signs of water staining.) Inspection and cleaning of the roof from moss. Gutters cleaned to ensure proper drainage.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. HOMEGUARD can create a maintenance program for you today! Call for more information at 778-847-1698.


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